Alkebu-Lan: Reconnecting Values

Welcome to Alkebu-Lan: Reconnecting Value. This section serves as a center to provide snap shot information on different regions of the continent Alkebu-Lan (today commonly known as ‘Africa’). With a primary focus on people, values and activities, both historic to present, I encourage you to enthusiastically and respectively engage yourself in the learning process.

Please note: the contents of what is shared here should be used within context, primarily as a reference for further inquiries on a self motivated basis. Also, the authentic/proper names of people, places and things will be used while familiar misrepresentations will be identified in red parathesis (  ).

Alkebu-Lan, not Africa?

Yes, Alkebu-Lan is the actual name of the continent today readily misrepresented as Africa. Alkebu-Lan was the name recognized and used by the majority of inhabitants of the continent prior to systemic renaming of places by then European leaderships during what was known as the ‘New World’ expansion initiatives… Read more

The name Africa

In the 14th century, a Spanish born and Greek educated man by the name of Leo Africanus was commissioned by then European leadership to ‘explore’ the continent of Alkebu-Lan. This commission was appointed to Africanus after greater European interests in the continent had been peaked by… Read more

The meaning of Alkebu-Lan

Alkebu-Lan translated to English has three meanings,

  • mother of mankind
  • cradle of creation
  • land of the spirit people



Alkebu-Lan [Al- kay- bu – Laan]