The Loud Silence of Africa: 3 Disc CD


Everyone is influenced and impacted by one thing or another, either being constructive or destructive to one’s well being. There is a lot of talk about colonialism, imperialism etc., but little is understood of, or done to transcend the intended long term impact of such occurrences. The Loud Silences of Africa is a 3 part audio disc series offering that opportunity! Discussions  focus on significant activities on the continent of Alkebu-Lan that impacted human relations and the various consequences on people through generations around the world. A.K. takes the time to identify specific conceptions and misconceptions established and propagated by colonial intent in regards to people. If you are seeking an understanding behind events or to take initiative in your own life to right the wrong and build on the right no matter where you are in the world, then this open lecture will help offer clarification in that direction.

Take the initiative!

CD Details:
Length – 2hrs 28mins
Number of Discs – 3
Copy Right Year – 2011
ISBN / Barcode  – 7292286821049